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Getting started

Getting started

Your guide to
successful results.

A successful profile

  • About: An introduction to you & your
    company with an overview about all
    the services you provide.
  • Media: Upload a good quality photo
    or brand logo for your profile image.
  • Trust: Qualifications, awards &
    testimonials from customers always
    helps reflect brand trust.

A successful listing

  • About: A full description for each
    class/activity/event. You can also
    include times, prices & offers.
  • Media: Upload good quality photos
    & videos for all your listings.
  • Times: Add opening and closing
    hours so customers can see which
    days the classes are being held.

Let’s get started

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Creating your profile & listings

Follow the instructions below to add elements to make your profile and listing descriptions stand out and make it easier for customers to read.

Adding headlines

If you add an # or ## in front of any line of text, it will turn it into a headline of bold text. So it would look like this:

#This is a large main title
##This is a subtitle

Adding links

To add a link like this http:yomummy.com or www.yomummy.com, just type it in and it will automatically turn into a link.

You can also disguise your link with text, for example: Enjoy & explore…

[Explore & enjoy](https://www.yomummy.com)

Will look just like this: Explore & enjoy

Adding bullets

Adding bullets you just add a dash like this:

– this is a bullet
– this is another bullet
– and yet another bullet

and this will turn automatically indented bullets list like this:

  • this is a bullet
  • this is another bullet
  • and yet another bullet

Adding YouTube videos

You can easily add YouTube videos by just adding a link to your YouTube video.

For example, you can add a link to your video like this:

and it will automatically turn into this at the end of your description