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Parent-tech: apps to watch

We’re spending longer than we ever have on our devices, and seeking support, advice and sharing the journey as new parents is one of the reasons why.

Here’s our top pick this month:


‘The Modern Family Book’  – Tinybeans has been ranked the 4th best parenting app in the Google Play store and was created to enable families to safely share the joy of their children’s memories. Not all of us are happy to share images of ourselves and new family in our social media remit and not all of your followers also want to see it (alongside your little one in 16 years time)

Tinybeans creates a private safe space that allow you to share pictures of your little one with your selected loved ones. Sarah-Jane Kurtini, the founder and head of product marketing at Tinybeans told SBS that  “It’s a place for parents to keep a record of their kid’s lives and share it with the people who really matter.”

Parents can upload images daily on a calendar feature which your selected invited loved ones, like close family and friends can view, comment and like.

With privacy being the USP, it’s also popular within the A-list crowd. As Sarah states “It’s not flooding your feed every day and it’s being respectful of your kid’s privacy as well.”

The team at Yomummy are advocates for this and have been keen users over the past 3 years and have enjoyed watching it grow.