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Pregnancy Fatigue

Can’t get out of bed, and can’t wait to get back in as soon as you come home? Fatigue throughout pregnancy, especially within the first and third trimester is extremely common. Here are our top tips to help!

⚡️ It sounds counterintuitive but getting out and about and staying active can definitely help the feeling of fatigue and help lift your mood. If you’re also feeling nauseous, the fresh air may also help.

⚡️In a study published in The Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health, the correlation between stress, anxiety and fatigue were noted. This is a time to learn what relaxes you to help you re-centre. Make sure you can take time out for yourself; This could be a relaxing bath, meditation, yoga, or to take time to read a good book.

⚡️Eat little and often to regulate your blood sugar levels. Foods higher in protein can help!

⚡️Regulate caffeine intake; It’s recommended by healthcare professionals to limit your daily caffeine intake to 200mg per day (around 2 mugs of instant coffee). There are some amazing black tea alternatives readily available; Your liver is also being put under the pump during pregnancy and there are some remedies that can help the detoxification process including dandelion tea or hot water and lemon.