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Spotify playlists for mums, dads & babies.

We’re very excited to be launch our YoMummy Pre and Post-Natal playlists for mums, dads and babies.

We all know that listening to the songs we love and enjoy can be a great antidote for relaxation and happiness. We’ve learnt through insightful studies that our babies also connect with these wonderful experiences and this can start as early as when they’re in the womb. Listening to our favourite music allows our brains to release dopamine, the ‘feel-good chemical’. Dopamine modulates the reward experiences elicited by music – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

What’s amazing is babies also learn and experience stimulation in the womb which can encourage long-term neural benefits. Unborn and new born babies are incredibly sensitive to audible simulations so keeping the music levels down to a talking level is very important. You’ve probably seen photos of pregnant women wearing headphones on their tummy, well this is actually something you really want to avoid. Take a look at this insightful study: Prenatal Music Exposure Induces Long-Term Neural Effect

Research insight into avoiding noise hazards for your baby.

Our creatives at YoMummy will be curating enjoyable and eclectic playlists with the aim to make you want to dance, sing, smile, relax and be happy!

We’re starting with ‘Hello Sunshine’ and we hope you enjoy and share.