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The mumpreneur movement

Here at YoMummy we are committed to building a community that supports and empowers working Mums and their businesses. With the UK having the second world’s most expensive childcare system, the force to have a more flexible workplace has never been so prominent.

With technology allowing us to run businesses from the dining room table or on our smartphone on the go, it has revolutionised the way businesses can be run. At YoMummy, we allow you to add your business for free which can then be accessed, booked, and reviewed on our website.

According to the Office of National Statistics, there was an increase of 84% of Women registering as part-time and self-employed between the years 2001 and 2016 which is the highest number since records began in 1992. According to Facebook, the word mumprenuership also increased 2.4% against last year.

Of course it’s not all plain sailing and there’s challenges to face, the support of a larger business, paid sick days, potential dental and healthcare benefits, alongside the new challenges of raising a child, however the benefits of building your own brand can be so much more rewarding and there has never been so many support groups and networking clubs and events such as The Mumprenuers Networking Club who host events throughout the UK.

We support, encourage and empower and would love for you to be part of our journey.